Insta Telecoms

Insta Telecoms partner with the UK’s leader in inbound call-handling.  All UK number ranges are available to buy online, these are integrated with a complete range of call-handling services, and price plans to suit all levels of business.

Our Services

Insta Digital Telecoms offers the widest range of numbers, services and price plans of any UK telecoms supplier. Our numbers are so flexible you can combine any number with any service and any plan (and change your mind at any time). Committed after sales support ensures all numbers operate smoothly, and allows you to make upgrades whenever you want to.

Our Numbers

Our comprehensive range or numbers include: 020, UK Local, 03, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 - You choose the number which suits your goals and delivers in line with your strategy.


Despite the Digital revolution, fax machines still prove useful. However, Fax introduces intelligent new features that maximise the 'simple' advantages of fax technology whilst removing the associated issues.


Our professional voice artists will record your greetings and prompts, following a script you specify in whichever voice style you prefer. We'll then add their messages to your Switchboard service.


Connect can divert calls to any UK landline, and international destinations. You're in control and it's free and easy to change the destination number at any time.


Available with any number you choose, Switchboard greets your callers with the style of professionalism normally offered by corporate enterprises and highly-intelligent call management options.


Conference calls are ideal for timely decision-making when it's not easy to meet face to face. Our Alltalk is our professional and affordable tele-conferencing service put you in complete control!


Don't miss out if you're unable to take calls from customers because your line is busy. Voice provides a solution by allowing you to divert calls to any landline or mobile number worldwide.


Our XScript service takes you into the premier league of switchboard technology, with freedom to add your own applications - but without the normal 'transfer fees' that run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Answers provides 'real people' to answer your calls answering calls in your company name and relaying the message you specified as to why you are not available.

Why Insta Digital Telecoms

1. We offer the widest choice of numbers an unrivaled selection of geographic and non-geographic UK number ranges. You get to choose your number – at a price that suits your budget.

2. We offer innovative ways to help you grow.  Our intelligent services let you manage your calls in a way that suits your company. You can add new services at any time.

3. We provide expert support – from people, not machines 95% of support calls are answered within 4 rings and are resolved quickly.

4. We offer price plans to suit all pockets – with no hidden costs. Our choice of price plans allows you to tailor the cost of your number according to the volume of calls you expect: high-volume plans give cheaper costs per call, but have higher monthly rental fees.

5. We provide products and services that keep on getting better.  Our talented development team keeps you at the leading edge of the telecoms market by regularly introducing new features, from simple innovations to corporate-quality solutions.

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